The basal energy of the universe is the Energy of Consciousness. How it is transformed into material, organic, gravitational, electromagnetic or atomic energy, scientific investigations will show. We are at the very beginning of a radical change in the thinking of the race. This change will not be brought about so much by our efforts as by the force of circumstances, created by the racial Prana-Shakti, to draw out mankind from the present groove which is inimical to her spiritual evolution.

That there must be some variation in the brain or some other factor responsible for genius, extraordinary talent or paranormal faculties in human beings no one can deny. If it were not so, every average human being who tried hard for it could become a Plato, a Kalidas, a Shakespeare or a Newton. But such a transformation has never been possible to this day with any methods of education known to us.


The actual position is that there is so much variation and such a prolificity of individual views in the books on Yoga and Tantra that one is lost in confusion. This has led to such a multiplicity of opinions and ideas that, strange as it may appear, one can support any point of view with a citation from one authority or the other.

Success in Yoga and other spiritual disciplines, whether achieved slowly and imperceptibly through the practice of Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, or spontaneously, as the accumulated harvest of previous Karma, or suddenly with agonizing experiences, as the result of Hatha Yoga exercises, must be due to the same organic mechanism that has eluded detection so far.Prana-Shakti or the bio-electricity which is behind the organic activity of the body and the mental activity of the brain, can undergo a transformation either as the result of hereditary factors, as in the case of the examples cited above, or with the practices of Yoga, or as the harvest of any other religious discipline, as has happened throughout the past.

It is this alteration in the pranic energy or bio-electricity, with a corresponding transformation in certain areas of the brain, which is responsible for all cases of Illumination, whether brought about by voluntary methods or spontaneous, also for all cases of genius, paranormal faculties and, where the body or the brain is not adaptable to the change, for certain intractable forms of insanity.


The association of Prana with every form of yoga is common knowledge in India and the United States. There is only one living electricity in the body and that is Prana. The popular image of a Yogi often depicts him as one who has drawn the entire Prana of his body into his head. It is immaterial whether this concentration of prana is achieved with the gentle methods of Raja-Yoga or the arduous ones of Hatha Yoga, but the medium affected is the same, namely prana. There is no other rival force in the body to which we could point as the one that comes into operation by Raja Yoga methods in contrast to the other activated by the techniques of Hatha Yoga.

Seals with the figure of a deity, like Shiva, sitting in asana, with phallus erectus, a symbolic depiction of the arousal of Kundalini, have been found in the excavations made at some sites of the Indus Valley civilization. There is also evidence to show the secret of Kundalini was known to the Egyptians, Sumerians, Persians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans, centuries and even thousands of years before the birth of Christ.


Kundalini was known to the Mayas and is mentioned in the traditions of the Hopi Indians in America. There is no other spiritual discipline, religious observance, esoteric practice or occult ritual even half as widely known with as many ramifications and as extended to the remotest periods of time as the cult of Kundalini. It has been a universal method for gaining mystical vision, oracular gifts and occult powers for the past thousands of years.

Kundalini is the profound secret behind all spiritual and cultural achievements in India. It is this all-important secret which drew and still draws crowds of seekers after spiritual illumination from all parts of the earth to India, the land of sages, from the Vedic period to this age. It is now admitted that even ancient Egypt borrowed occult knowledge from this land.Can it be imagined for a moment that commonplace disciplines and cheap practices, which are the stock in trade of not a few teachers of our day, could form the secret teaching which distant seekers traversed thousands of miles on foot to learn, risking their life and limb in the hazardous expedition in olden times? Why to suit our own preferences do we try to belittle a still-hidden knowledge that was valued beyond all the treasures of the earth by the greatest sons of India in the past?

There must be a natural process for liberation as there is an inexorable organic process for incarnation, conception, embryo, birth, childhood, prime, old age, death, etc., repeated time after time. It cannot be that while the process of internment spreads over ages that of release should occur in a day, through a magically potent sadhana or a glance of favor from a guru.


There is no one way to reach the Eternal. There is no one method that would suit everyone. The illuminated men and women born in different parts of the earth have been divergent in their philosophy, metaphysics, methods of attainment, the nature of the reality, the nature of the Soul, ideas about the Hereafter and the state of the Soul after disembodiment. But all this divergence does not mean that there is a chaos in the spiritual world or that the illuminated of the past knew all that is to be known of this profound Ocean of Knowledge of the Self.How few really succeed in the enterprise we know only too well. The reason for this extreme poverty of results in the spiritual quest lies in the ignorance about the real nature of the mechanism Kundalini responsible for success. The research project proposed here is designed to greatly add to this knowledge.



Our science-oriented culture has created a peculiar social environment ideally suited for highly sophisticated minds with a strongly marked polarity that makes them talk in one way and act in another. In other words, the evolution of political thought has not kept pace with the speed at which knowledge has expanded. We now need a much more balanced and penetrating intellect than that which is operating at present in order to adjust the society to it.

This anomaly has a marked subconscious effect on every man and woman, each experiencing the effect without awareness of the cause behind it. The main reason why there is discontentment in almost every country, including the most advanced, is not because the leaders are less competent than before but because the human mind has attained a degree of sensitivity, and the environment a state of complexity, where a more evolved type of men and women are needed to create confidence and enlist the cooperation of the general public.


According to various estimates, most of us use only ten percent of the brain. That means 90 percent of the brain is unutilized, that there is still a large margin in the brain which could be used for other purposes and that nature has provided it for certain purposes which have not yet been discovered.

Among the adepts in ancient India, this untapped region of the brain was called the Brahma-rendra, or cave of God. This region can be activated by certain disciplines, and when activated it can give to the individual the same vision of the universe which all great mystics have described.

But when it is awakened, the normal energy of the body or the blood is not able to fuel the center. It needs a more powerful and concentrated psychic fuel. This fuel comes from the reproductive system, which is transformed into a kind of radiation, and that radiation awakens and makes the center function. A current of silvery light rises from the spine and radiates through the whole brain, causing a tremendous expansion of consciousness.

When this occurs, one does not continue to see the world as a solid, real, objective creation but as consciousness. The real objective creation is then seen as consciousness everywhere. For example, the ocean, the sky, the earth, the mountains, are seen as if they are living. This life or consciousness is not something which is dead or which can be understood. It is infinite, deathless.It is something so unique, so elevating, that there are no words to describe this extraordinary state of being.

But those who have experienced it have become geniuses of the highest order, and it is repeatedly said in the ancient manuals that they would not change this state of consciousness for any treasure, not even a kingdom. This is probably what Christ meant when he said that the kingdom of heaven is within you.

From a scientific point of view, it can be said that a certain region in the brain has been awakened to activity. It means that nature has already provided a potential in the brain which has to be awakened in order for it to evolve to a higher level of performance. It also means that the human brain is still organically evolving in the direction of the great mystics and prophets, in the same direction of the great geniuses.

For this evolution a certain type of life is necessary. For instance, throughout our life evolution is going on and we have to cooperate with it. When we do not cooperate with the inner evolution we create problems for ourselves.

All of the religious teachings of mankind, beginning with the Vedas, then the Buddha, the Old Testament and New Testaments, the teachings of Moses, Christ, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, and all the ancient prophets of the Bible, were meant to give directions for how to live, how to regulate our lives, while the brain is still evolving.

At the present time, the human brain is evolving much more rapidly because from morning until evening we are applying our brain to some task, reading, watching television, working in an office, solving problems, etc. This was not the case when people hunted or tilled the soil. They had no need to apply their brain in such a concentrated way as we do today. In other words, we are meditating almost continually, although on material objects, and this is accelerating the evolutionary processes at work in the brain and nervous system. This has resulted in many thousands of partial awakenings of the Power, especially in the industrialized countries, albeit in a haphazard and often unhealthy manner. Often in the case of such awakenings, the benefits can be quite fruitful, transforming such individuals into more productive, creative, loving and more compassionate personalities.

A great many of the patients now crowding our mental institutions, whether for schizophrenia or manic-depressive states, could be correctly placed in this category. Psychiatrists and psychologists are at a loss to explain why. Because of the limited extent of our current knowledge about this phenomenon, it is extremely rare far more rare than genius itself that the Kundalini raises to the highest center in the brain in a healthy way, resulting in Illumination or Enlightenment. This is one more reason why research such as proposed herein is of such vital importance at this time.

In order to bring about a harmonious change in society, the leaders of the world have to be convinced of the existence of Kundalini and its effect on our everyday lives, and for that to happen a scientific experiment is necessary. We have to demonstrate that the brain is evolving, and that this evolution needs a certain kind of harmonious way of life.

In the experiment, a number of healthy young men and women will practice mental and physical disciplines designed to greatly increase the brainís activity, and its effect will be found all over the body. There will be metabolic processes and other physiological changes which can be measured. The goal will be to awaken the dormant center in the brain responsible for mystical experience and genius. Once the evolutionary mechanism, called Kundalini by the ancient adepts, has been activated, there are definite biological changes in the blood, the nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid, and in the composition of the brain itself.

The experiment is designed to prove that there is the potential in every human being which can transform him or her from a mortal into an immortal and that in within each of us there is an eternal source of happiness. A more harmonious, more peaceful, happy, more contented humanity can be expected to result from this research. More importantly, it will show the way for every generation to produce people who have reached the higher dimensions, and they will become the political leaders, scientists, and educators, who will help to guide the race higher and higher and higher.


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