Abstract Expressionist Painter Tom Zatar Kay Throwing DayGlo Dayglow Paint Fluorescent Black Light Art

September 18, 2006


Contact: James Cornwell a/k/a JimC. tom@ecomall.com

"Following Pollock" Action Painting Abstracts in Day-Glo at SilentSpace Gallery in Kingston

September 30th - October 31st, 2006

KINGSTON, NY - Silent Space Gallery in midtown Kingston, NY will host aone man exhibit "Following Pollock" during October 2006. The featureda rtist is Tom Zatar Kay, who throws paint in a style reminiscent of Jackson Pollock, but with his own very unique flair, using day-glopaints which transform when viewed in white or black light. The opening reception is slated for Saturday evening October 7th at 5 PM.

Tom Zatar Kay, a local Woodstock resident, may be remembered for his Halloween night performance art show in the window of the FletcherGallery last year, which attracted crowds as he threw paint at suspended, spinning canvases, dancing under black light to music blasting out onto Mill Hill Road.

Zatar also raised a few eyebrows when he was one of the artists who was invited to paint a wood chair for the "Please Be Seated" Fine Art Chair Auction organized by The Woodstock Artists Association and Museum (WAAM)this past spring. Art Auctioneer Barry Cherwin (Past President of the New York City Auctioneers Association) remarked of Zatar's incredible multi-colored chair, which was auctioned off that night, "Under blacklight it will explode!... This is Jackson Pollock gone wild!"

Anyone who saw that psychedelic chair or watched Zatar's three-hour Halloween night performance will not want to miss this excitingexhibition where the Silent Space gallery will be transformed into ablack light experience, complete with multiple spinning canvases which will have been created on-site. This exhibit is sure to be aone-of-a-kind event, which will show off the creative spirit of Day-Glopaints, as the works come to life in completely different ways depending on whether they are viewed under normal white light or inblack light.

The multi-talented poet/artist/inventor Tom Zatar Kay is the co-founderthe popular web site EcoMall.com and is a former solar energy consultant to Exxon Enterprises and is currently working on developinghis latest patent on MHD (Magnetohydrodynamics), a new way of turningany heat source into electricity. He is also author of a book entitled"Out of the Box."

Zatar has said of his experience creating his art, "Throwing paint is a spiritual, ethereal, cathartic, kinetic experience for me. I enter ahypnotic trance, a dynamic involvement in the creation - a unique, spontaneous, and unrepeatable event. I become infused with the samespirit I imagine Jackson Pollock tapped into, except I use Day-Glocolors and reflect the energy of the times I live in....It is anongoing process and a journey that never ends, an unlimited, expanding universe of magical serendipity (quantum theory at its best)."

Tom Zatar Kay's art work can be view on the Internet athttps://www.ecomall.com/zatar/

Silent Space Gallery, located at 596 Broadway across from the UlsterPerforming Arts Center in Kingston, seeks to host community art projectsin partnership with artists, schools and non-profit organizations.