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Building the Sustainable Economy II Conference

What Do We Mean by a Sustainable Economy and How Do We Build It?

A Sustainable Metropolitan Region for the 21st Century & The Future of Real Estate is Green! & The Green Building Exposition



The Robert J. Milano Graduate School of Management & Urban Policy New School for Social Research, New York City


At the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the assembled nations adopted sustainable development as the principle that should guide the world's economic activity. From this perspective, a sustainable economy is one that meets current needs by enhancing, rather than diminishing, the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Some characteristics of a sustainable economy would include:

* Life-cycle design of products to encourage high-quality, long-life and appropriate disposition.

* Health and environmentally sensitive production and distribution technologies.

* Conservation and generation of energy from safe, renewable sources.

* Protection and restoration of natural eco-systems.

* Organic agriculture producing healthful foods, improving soil and conserving water and energy.

* Energy-efficient, health-enhancing and safe building construction.

* Residences located in proximity to workplaces and commercial centers.

* Transportation systems powered by renewable non-polluting energy sources.

* Equitably-financed holistic health care.

* Participatory business structures and management practices.

* Socially responsible investing.


The conference will feature many top theoreticians and practitioners who are currently defining sustainability through their pioneering work. We are also bringing key leadership from the economic development infrastructure of the New York metropolitan area to assess the region's options and explore new models for the future. The real estate sector will receive particular attention as a case study in the possiblities for sustainable economic development.


Anyone interested in exploring ideas and actions needed to build the sustainable economy, locally, nationally and globally should attend this conference, especially:

* Builders, developers, owners, architects, and other building professionals who are interested in learning about the state-of-the-art in green building design, construction and technology.

* Business executives from Fortune 500 and smaller emerging companies who are interested in operating more sustainably and reaching a larger share of the green market.

* Environmentalists and community leaders who want to explore how the craft of business can be put in the service of the community and the environment.

* Foundation executives who want to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of the sustainable economy and identify funding opportunities.

* Public officials who realize the importance of encouraging the development of sustainable businesses to benefit the people and environment in their jurisdictions.

* Investors and investment professionals who want to deepen their understanding of sustainability as a major economic trend.

* Environmental affairs managers of companies who are interested in understanding their work in the context of the nascent sustainable economy.

* Staff of public interest organizations and research institutions who want to expand their grasp of the principles, information and issues underlying the development of the sustainable economy.

Sponsors: The Durst Organization, Healthy Properties, LLC

Co-Sponsors Pratt Industries, Inc. * Progressive Asset Management, Inc. Rubenstein Associates, Inc. * The Trane Company

Organized by Earth Day New York

in cooperation with: AIA Committee on the Environment * AIA New York Chapter * Architects Council of New York * Air & Waste Management Association * Columbia University * Sustainable Development Initiative * Building Owners' and Managers' Association of Greater New York * Environmental Business Association of New York State, Inc. * Environmental Defense Fund * Environmental Technology Challenge * Municipal Arts Society * Natural Resources Defense Council * New Jersey Future * New York Building Congress * The Real Estate Board of New York, Inc. * Regional Plan Association * U. S. Green Building Council

* = invited


Sustainable America - A New Consensus Moderator: William Haines, President, The Bromley Companies Molly Olson - Former Executive Director, President's Council on Sustainable Development Richard Barth - Chairman of the Board, Ciba-Geigy, member President's Council * Fred Krupp - Executive Director, Environmental Defense Fund, member President's Council

What Do We Mean by a Sustainable Economy? The Resource Efficiency Revolution - Amory Lovins The Eco-Odyssey of a CEO, Continued - Ray Anderson Sustainability Requires New Economic Concepts - Faye Duchin A Take Charge Approach to Creating a New Economy - Wayne Roberts

How Do We Do It? Five Principals of Ecological Design - Sim Van der Ryn Green Plans - Peggy Lauer The Haymount Development - John Clark Ecological Education - Winifred Armstrong

SUSTAINABILITY IN ACTION Tools New Indicators of Progress - Alan AtKisson User-Friendly Life-Cycle Assessment - Pliny Fisk The Natural Step - Gil Friend Industrial Ecology and Urban Metabolism - Stuart Cowan

Partnerships The Paper Task Force (Prudential, Time Warner, Johnson & Johnson) - John Ruston CERES Principles of Corporate Environmental Responsibility - Joan Bavaria Environmental Technology Challenge - Bryan Thomlison Business Clusters - Joe Gross

Corporate Examples Moderator: Jeffrey Potent, Industrial Technology Assistance Corporation Business Council for a Sustainable Energy Future - James Wolf Quad Graphics - John Imes 3M - Jeffry Muffat Alliance for Environmental Innovation - Ralph Earle Environmental Business Association of New York State - Ira Rubenstein

Workshops: Best Business Practices and Initiatives Workshops by plenary speakers and on subjects such as Pollution Prevention, Energy Conservation, EPA Green Lights, ClimateWise, XL, Common Sense Initiative, Environmental Technology Challenge, IS0 14000, Brownfields, Eco-Auditing, Strategic Environmental Management, Environmentally Responsible Printing and others.


OPENING SESSION: Welcome - Douglas Durst, Chairman, Earth Day New York


Vice-President of the United States Al Gore *

Deputy Mayor for Finance and Economic Development Fran Reiter Chair New York City Planning Commission Joseph Rose Dean of the School of Architecture, University of Virginia William McDonough *

A Sustainable Metropolitan Region The New Regional Plan - Robert Yaro

Developing a Regional Sustainable Economy Moderator - Richard Anderson, President New York Building Congress

Measuring Sustainability within a Regional Boundary - Pliny Fisk The Environmental Economy Strategy - Gil Friend Using Economic Development to Accomplish Social and Ecological Objectives - Joe Gross Green Tools for Economic Recovery - Wayne Roberts

Green Planning in the New York Region Moderator - Marilyn Gelber, Commissioner NYC Department of Env Protection Lessons From Green Plans Around the World - Peggy Lauer Standards and Benchmarking - Alan AtKisson New Jersey's Green Future - Barbara Lawrence Long Island Pine Barrens - Donald Eversoll

Sustainable Cities for the 21st Century Moderator - Alan Hevesi, NYC Comptroller * Energy - William Browning Transportation - Jeffrey Zupan Land use - Robert Pirani Food - Paul Mankiewicz Sustainable Living - Deling Wang

Workshops: Best Practices and Initiatives Workshops by Plenary Speakers and on subjects such as Pollution Prevention, Energy Conservation, EPA Green Lights, ClimateWise, XL, Common Sense, IS0 14000, Emission Reduction Credits, Environmental Technology Challenge

The Future of Real Estate is Green! Greening the Bottom Line! - William Browning A Revitalized Vision for New York City Development Moderator - Charles Millard, President NYC Economic Development Corporation * Times Square - Daniel Tishman Downtown Alliance - Carl Weisbrod Riverside South - Mary Musca Revaluing Existing Buildings - Ashok Gupta

What Do We Mean by Ecological Design and Sustainable Real Estate Development? Moderator - Daniel Tishman, President, Tishman Construction Sim Van der Ryn - Ecological Design Institute Kirsten Childs - Croxton Collaborative John Clark - The John A. Clark Company James Wines - SITE Environmental Design

What is the Process? What are the Tools? How Do You Overcome the Barriers? Moderator - Barry Dimson, President, Healthy Properties Sandra Mendler - Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum Robert Fox - Fox & Fowle Ian Campbell - Turner Construction S. Richard Fedrizzi - U.S. Green Building Council

Workshops: How to Get Started? Workshops by plenary speakers and on subjects such as New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA), Con Edison and Brooklyn Union Gas Energy Programs, EPA Green Lights, AIA Resource Guide, Brownfield Redevelopment, Indoor Air Quality


In conjunction with the Building the Sustainable Economy Conference, Earth Day New York is presenting the first Green Building Exposition (GBX) to introduce the New York real estate community to the state-of-the-art in green building design, construction, interiors and management.

GBX will be a unique showcase presented in a spectacular setting - twelve-foot arched windows framing panoramic city views - juxtaposing the built environment, past and future. The exposition is being hosted by the Healthy Properties Green Development Collaborative and designed in collaboration with Green Design New York who have created a striking and dramatic look for the exposition utilizing recycled materials.

Company representatives well-versed in green building practices will be displaying informational literature and samples of equipment and products. Each company was invited because it provides important leadership in its respective field. The exhibit is designed to convey a detailed story about green buildings. GBX will illustrate the leading edge and future of this rapidly changing field by highlighting the work of its pioneering companies.

ACCOMMODATIONS Conference registrants at the Building the Sustainable Economy Conference are responsible for their own lodging. At this time, we have not made any special arrangements with New York hotels. If you need assistance in this regard, please contact us.

REFUNDS Full refunds, less a $50 cancellation fee, will be made for cancellations received in writing on or before June 3, 1996. No cancellations will be processed after June 4, 1996.

AIA CONTINUING EDUCATION The Building the Sustainable Economy Conference is registered with the AIA Continuing Education System. Participants can earn 20 learning units (LUs) for attending the full conference.

Earth Day New York's first conference in 1995 initiated the Sustainable Economy Project as part of a five-year effort leading to the year 2000. The 1996 conference is the second in a series designed to benchmark the evolution toward a more sustainable local and worldwide economy.

We hope this process will strengthen and expand the networks of businesses, communities, environmental associations, foundations, research organizations and government agencies who are working together to build the sustainable economy.

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