Mar 22, 2007 12:53 AM

Thanks for the add. Great sound you´ve got there. I like it. Best greetings from Iceland

Native Art

Mar 21, 2007 10:00 PM

Hello Girlz of Zaetar. I've been known to lie awake nights wondering what music would exist between a sex-crazed Sly, a meditative Femi Kuti and a drawling Captain Beefheart!! And here you are out of the blue! Thank you so much for allowing me now to sleep at night!

I enjoy your fun energy. Thanks for the invite. Be well, -- Paul Kabotie

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Ken O'Gorman

Mar 21, 2007 8:21 PM

Hey GoZ, You and your band are truly unique artists. Always groove to your own thing, that's what free jazz is all about. Thank you kindly for the add and keep doing your own thing, Peace!

Sincerely, Ken


Mar 21, 2007 7:01 AM


thank U 4 the add, from TOKYO.

American X

Mar 18, 2007 3:26 PM

You 'Girlz' are fantastique.


Mar 16, 2007 5:30 PM

noisetet absolutely loves the girls performance ethic... and music - especially "full moon"... and "lahasa"... and "halloween", of course.

if we were there, or you were here, we would love tp play with you... but, alas, we're not and you're not, so we'll just drop by to visit. won't you do the same?

peace, noisetet bls/ds


Mar 9, 2007 11:22 AM

Awesome!!!! Thanks so much for the request! Between the Art Ensemble and the Arkestra! great! Thanks


Mar 8, 2007 12:00 AM Killer tunes you guys. Thanks for dropping in. Take care. Rob


Dec 7, 2006 3:10 AM You guys are cool!

Safe for the support - check back soon for an update :)


Dec 5, 2006 6:26 AM greetings Girlz, and welcome to DarryVille and thanks for the unity, thats all nice,i hope all is well and jiggy for you and yours,you have some interesting crazy ass music there,made me smile a while. ciao for now and keep bouncing ; )


Nov 9, 2006 4:46 PM tnx 4 the add!!!! nice vibes! keep in touch colorz!!!!!!!!!!

Weird concept. Rewarding result.

With a 23 person line-up, Girlz of Zaetar exists somewhere in-between a sex-crazed Sly, a meditative Femi Kuti and a drawling Captain Beefheart, creating music that is at once excruciatingly pretentious and wonderfully listenable. The 35-minute-long "Gods" is so commercially suicidal it's beautiful. Even musically, after its first few faltering steps, it proves to be a wonderful track; a gliding chant that extends above and beyond itself to end up in some absurd Hindi love parade.

The three subsequent tracks are much shorter (both in length and inscope), and fail to engage on the same level -- although they do prove the band's musical diversity and ability to maintain interest. In a musical field where too many acts tend to end up in dead-end jams, Girlz of Zaetar use their musical abilities to communicate with their audience. Fear of Rehearsal is a wonderful testament to this free, generous spirit, and is as spontaneous as its title suggests.- Stein Haukland -

Ass-rattling songs - Sun Ra and Funkadelic Intriguing sprawl of free jazz, religious ecstasy, and entertainingly devolved ideas about sound, rhythm, tempo, and togetherness. - A brazen display of cacaphony that will bring a tear to your eye - The spirit of Ra says you would be foolish not to give them a listen. - Reviewer: rkf - D ANGEL

Guys, you are absolute geniuses! The best ways for me to get detached from stress are the good ol' ones: sex, drinking and music, but after the 1st listen to this EP of 51 minutes I don't know if I was better, I just felt different ever from before; it's one of those experiences changing my life, like a heavy surgical operation with partial anaesthesia or the watching of the "Guinea Pig" series. Described as sexy synth band from another planet with never the same sound at any given moment playing urban jungle musick, I would say that this is totally ad-libbed music crossing Hindu chanting and TRUE psychedelic records of the 60's played at the wrong speed; yeah, a sax comes and goes on a rhythm based on percussions and chanting reminding me of some middle-USA sects using snakes to prove their faith to God. In the long "Gods" (35 minutes) there're several noises and rare guitars; it's hard to explain it, especially when this shock chakra kundalini ecstasy music is made by 23 people with the help of possessed strangers from the audience spontaneously joining! Ghostly opera vocals, noises, effects and much much more; the top is reached in "Lahasa", a dynamic wacky song I can't stop playing over and over. Guys, you are absolute geniuses! Is this the true art music? Or yoga rock? And in the end, who cares? Let's enjoy this spiritual poetry with 7 bass players alternating and have an acid trip without paying the consequences of the aftermath of a (write here your fave drug) addiction. Now, who dares ta say hippies' spirit's dead? - MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - Rock Metal Bands

jam band with a psychedelic twist Reviewer: Cheryl A jam band with a psychedelic twist - primal, spacey, ethereal, rock/jazz from another dimension. Cool and fresh.

Sounds interesting, in an interesting way. Reviewer: Ian Koss - Ink19 Sounds interesting, in an interesting way.

Sounding very interesting there! Reviewer: The Exclusive Fanzine - Matt Sounding very interesting there!

(Sun Ra-ish) Reviewer: Michael.Davis, WUSM-General Manager You have some interesting ideas at work here (Sun Ra-ish)

Girlz of Zaetar’s Fear of Rehearsal is experimental, avant-garde, electronic, ambient, jazz very reminiscent of Miles Davis’ revolutionary 1970s creative leap to electric instruments on such albums as Bitches’ Brew music that defined what came to be called fusion. The centerpiece of this twenty-three piece collective’s album is the first track, Gods, a 35-minute, meandering sonic landscape that uses as its artistic palette tenor saxophone, electronic noise, guitar, percussion, bass, and non-distinct human voices that at times sing, talk, and scream.

The saxophone solos are very well played, with great fast-paced runs and layers of sax noise provided by the multi-player horn section. This instrument is especially well utilized in the second track, Lahasa, with a great squeaky, squonky sax riff that repeats over disjointed percussion and ambient noise before the rhythm section begins to kick a groove.

The highlight of the entire outing is “Full Moon,” a slow, hypnotic meditation with great groovy percussion and bass.

- Matt Sherman - LEFT OFF THE DIAL

What a trip, man. Reviewer: Dusty Wright Cool beans. Throw em out and watch em grow.

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