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EcoMall: Savvy Eco-Shoppers - Shopping for a Sustainable World

Founded in 1994 by a diverse team of professionals committed to protecting the environment, the EcoMall is dedicated to educating and helping consumers achieve power over their online spending dollars. Passionately committed to integrating environmental awareness into daily decision-making at all levels, personal, professional and public, the EcoMall seeks to help consumers exercise their pocketbooks to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable and earth-friendly future.

Buying online has been demonstrated to have a smaller environmental footprint.

Conscious consumers can find the natural and organic products they desire at the EcoMall. "Green" has become "mainstream". The National Marketing Institute estimates that consumers with environmental concerns represent more than $230 billion in spending power.

Help reduce your eco footprint on our planet. We all have an impact on the Earth - an ecological footprint left behind by our activities and consumption habits.

Shopping with the planet in mind can make a big difference in many ways. Collectively, we can reward environmentally responsible practices, discourage waste, help close the recycling loop and reduce the amount of toxic materials entering our ecosystems.

Climate Change Summit - Mother Earth's Children

Buying products and services that don't harm the environment is one of the most powerful choices a consumer can make.

Organic, natural products promote the health and wellness of our body and world.

Help Reduce Our Environmental Footprint


Environmentally preferable products are generally:

Less toxic

Minimally polluting

More energy efficient

Safer and healthier for patients, workers, and the environment

Higher in recycled content

Packed in less packaging material

We are proud to be part of the effort to keep our environment safer and greener.

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