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Customer reviews of Ecomall - 5/5 stars "Love it!" - Megan Burns

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Subject: Re: [cabn] EcoMall - Hi CABN'ers - We are in our fifth year of advertising with EcoMall. Marianne is wonderful to work with and we are very happy with the traffic we get from their site. It's been a good investment and we feel it is a very trusted site by customers looking for "green". - Mindy J. Saintsing Owner/Partner Bamboosa®

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You can buy earth friendly clothing, and a lot of it is available online. One great site is, and they have lots of different companies and good explanations of what kind of earth friendly clothing they sell“ - video jug

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So since taking this class I have started trying to incorporate more "green" products into my life. Being that it is Christmas why not spread the good idea around by buying eco-friendly gifts for my friends and family. While looking around online I found this cool website It's like a big databases of different types of stores and places to get certain products you're looking for without harming the environment. They have links to everything from solar powered products to aromatherapy to yoga. Hope you guys find some stuff to!" - Pam - Pamvironmentally Friendly

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Green & EcoFriendly Directories and Portals
"I’m going to share a secret with many of you. Linking is not only about helping with Google rankings, but can also deliver quality direct traffic and conversions to your business from the site that is linking to you. One example of a niche portal which sends very targeted traffic to the sites listed within it is EcoMall, a directory for ecofriendly online shopping.

Let’s forget that EcoMall is a quality authority site which has been active for over a decade and a link from EcoMall should highly assist your site’s Google rankings. The links themselves drive traffic and I have witnessed thousands of dollars in sales directly coming from EcoMall as a referral." - Going Green: The Power of Ecofriendly Link Building - Loren Baker

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"Ecomall, Earth's Friendly Shopping Center
Shopping can be very earth friendly, depending where you go. Ecomall is the place to start. It seems ever so evident that people are trying to be earth conscious. More and more are looking to better the planet. Some might find it hard, some might even find it almost impossible to do better. Yes, we all know that taking the bus is better than taking the car and that taking a bike is better than taking the bus. For some that little change is enough, but for many more the question is: How can I be more 'eco' in my shopping.

It could be books, soaps, magazines, trips, foods, clothing, etc. If you are looking for pretty much anything but want it to be earth friendly, ecomall is the best place to look. For 20 years now has helped out by providing links to any merchandise that would regularly be in a shopping center but with a green twist. With over 60 shopping categories, there is no doubt that what you are looking for will be there. Anything from non-toxic cleaners and paints to organic food, recycled tree-free paper and even solar and sustainable energy products.

Also included on the website is the Green living magazine. Filled with articles for inspiration and to educate on ways to live harmoniously with each other and the earth. The 'ask an expert' section is a must for all questions you have concerning vegetarian eating, housing, gardening and even volunteering green.

Eco-activisim is also a very important part of the site since it keeps you informed of current issues affecting the environment. This is a place where you can make your voice be heard.

Ecomall is a huge website and I am sure you will have fun searching around it for all your living needs. As I have learned, shopping can and must be friendly to the earth."

- BY Derek Cyr - Homepage under Shopping

Top Eco-Internet Sites for Shopping -
"A Place to Help Save the Earth” just about sums it up. A great search engine for green products makes shopping a breeze and worry free! Topics range from bedding to flowers to toys and everywhere in between. A gift category is even included to make it even easier for your Holiday Shopping. - Citizens

Thanks for doing all that you do TO help save the earth! ~peace~ Ang

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Ecomall - One stop natural goods portal
I discovered this site when I was pregnant with my son. I found myself desperately searching for simple, natural items in lieu of thetoxic, plastic media ridden merchandise that is so abundant out there. This site offers more links to natural baby websites than I have even found the time to visit. They are listed by content as well. The site is not limited to baby wares and includes all types of"green" products. This website should be in the favorites menu for any health conscious person! -

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In its 20th year, online portal has links to more than 200 environmentally conscious stores. also posts hundreds of links to grassroots groups, non-profits and government agencies. "It's the Whole Earth catalog online," says's founder Tom Kay, a New Yorker and an activist since the ’70s.’s “Green Living” magazine features articles (and links to articles) on a variety of environmental topics, from ways to reduce trash to maintaining a vegetarian diet on a trip to Disneyland." - The TODAY Show (MSNBC) - Teri Goldberg

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EcoMall: A Place to Help Save the Earth
EcoMall: A huge and much acclaimed mix of activism and green consumerism. In the mall sections you can quickly and easily locate your nearest purveyor of organic food, learn about green investments or source a mail order solar panel. Invaluable too for its links to dozens of activist environmental groups. Also a daily digest of environmental news and regular action alerts.
Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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I used your guide to vegetarian restaurants a fewweeks ago when I was in Alaska. Thanks for posting it- it was very helpful.

ECOMALL Cares about the environment and wishes to let people know that there are eco-friendly products out there that you could use. - Bloomington Public Schools

Green Shopping Magazine - a comprehensive mix of articles on green shopping topics that concern everyone who wants to live a healther, more environmentally conscious lifestyle. - The Gathering Web

ECO ACTIVISM - A site giving access to protest organisations, places, dates ect. If you care, and want to play an active role in trying to make the world a better place, active protest is strength in numbers!! - Activism Online

I really enjoy the ecoquotes.....
Richard M. Rollins- Endangered Spaces Project

Ecomall - THE BIGGEST source of links for any remotely environmetally-related - Northwestern University

Eco-Mall Ecologically and environmentally friendly products, services, and information. Covers restaurants, businesses, investments, activism, communications, and renewable energy. Many products and services are advertised or listed, organized by category or product. EcoMall is a comprehensive resource for those who want to make their lives more environmentally responsible. A wide array of products and services is listed along with ordering information. If a topic is not covered here, the site's substantial link directory likely will be able to connect to a site that provides coverage. (review by: Four Star Superior from Newsweek - Britannica).



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