Ancient ayurvedic treatises dwelt at length on the care and nurturing of the eyes.

Today, we talk of our eyes in terms of pupil, retina, and iris. Back then, thousands of years ago, ayurveda understood eye structure quite differently.

The eyeballs are said to be composed of all five elements-the Panchama habhutas-earth, fire, air, water, and space. Of these,

Earth governs the muscular part of the eyes.

Fire rules the blood vessels.

Air makes up the black of the eyeballs.

Water dominates the white of the eye, and

Space contributes to the tear ducts or cleansing channels.

Ancient ayurvedic healers identified dozens of causes that can bring eyes to grief. Among them were:

Misuse of the eyes-straining too much, concentrating too hard on minute objects, or looking too far in the distance constantly.


Excessive anger, jealousy, or negative feelings. (Echoing the thought that the eyes mirror the soul).

Suppression of natural urges like hunger, thirst, sleep, and the need tocry.

Suppression or neglect of sleep. Also, changes in one's regular sleep/wake routine.There fore, ayurveda has a different way of looking at eye problems. It sees them as the result of disturbed dosha-balance.

Let's observe the ayurvedic perspective on three common eye problems:

Crow's feet, dry eyes and eye strain

Causes: These problems are caused by a Pitta imbalance. Other factors include worry, lack of sleep, excessive intake of alcohol, or not drinking enough water.

Cures: Stop using chemical-and-preservative laden make-up. Rest your eyes asoften as you can. Take regular breaks between computer jobs. Protect your eyes against direct sunlight. Ayurveda's Youthful Skin Eye Gel contains a blend of rare ayurvedic herbs including Sacred Lotus to provideall-natural support for the delicate skin around the eyes. This eye gel has a Chakshushya effect -- "that which imparts health and longevity to the eyerea." The formulation is pure, gentle, balanced and holistic. Sacred Lotus is a cooling herb, one that increases soma, or lunar energy, to balance agni, solar energy. Thus it is very effective in pacifying Pitta related problems and cooling and relaxing the eye area.

Dark circles under the eyes

Causes: This could be either a Vata or a Pitta imbalance. Look for these factors: have you been unwell lately? Not eating fresh food? Suffer ingmenstrual problems? Are you anemic? Have you been suffering from anxiety orpoor circulation? All these cause dark under-eye circles.

Cures: Soothe your eyes with cotton-wool dabbed in pure Rose Water. Place the cotton pads on eyes for ten minutes, and lie still to ease away tension.Avoid fried, greasy foods and leftovers-cook fresh meals. Close your eyes as often as you can, putting your palms against them to rest them further.

Puffy eyes

Causes: These are caused by an aggravated Kapha Dosha. When prolonged, this condition can indicate that you might have a kidney or liver disorder-therefore seeing a physician is advised. Other causes include slowd igestion, poor appetite, water retention and hormonal imbalances.

Cures: Drink lots of water, which will de-clog your body's channels. Eat lots of fresh fruit, and avoid make-up until the problem is solved. Do not sleep during the day.

Eye-Friendly Lifestyle Tips